After an inexplicably short one-month appearance on the service back in 2021, Tomorrowland has returned to Disney Plus in the United States. 

While the previous release did include a few pieces of bonus material, with notable omissions, today's does not include an "extras" tab at all. 

In the film's original theatrical release, an animated short (The Origins of Plus Ultra) was attached to the start of the film in select venues at the director's request. For the Tomorrowland Blu-ray release, an option was included on the main menu to play the film with the short preceding it.  

Official Disney uploads of the short have been made private on YouTube, but it has been uploaded by other users.

The current release of Tomorrowland on Disney Plus is, sadly, still limited to an HD presentation. To date, no official 4K nor HDR versions of the film have been released for home media, despite the film's status as the first major feature with an all-4K postproduction pipeline and the first ever released theatrically in DolbyVision. 

With the recent news that Sony will be taking over all of Disney's physical media business, hopefully the future holds a 4K Blu-ray release for Tomorrowland. The film will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. 


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