With the long-awaited debut of Tomorrowland streaming worldwide on Disney+, Hastin and Nick sit down to welcome a new batch of Dreamers, Optimists, and Junior Tomorrownauts into the fandom on the Tomorrowland Times Podcast:

Sadly, the movie is not streaming in UHD nor DolbyVision on Disney+, even as the first movie with an all-4K post pipeline. Also, the extras tab does not include the essential "Origin of Plus Ultra" animated short that director Brad Bird fought to have attached to the film.

Additionally, the most requested Tomorrowland deleted scenes are not available on Disney+, remaining Movies Anywhere exclusives. Viewers who want to see the Carousel of Progress or young Frank's harvester automaton will still have to register a digital copy on that service.

It's a disappointing debut overall for Tomorrowland fans, but hopefully wide availability on the popular streaming service will allow the film to reach a new audience. With any luck, a 4K home release is still on the horizon ... perhaps for it's 10th anniversary? 

In any case, we will continue to carry the torch and provide a home for wayward fans to assemble around this budding cult classic. Dreamers, after all, need to stick together. 


A Beginner’s Guide to Tomorrowland


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