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We're your unofficial source for the latest news, rumors, viral marketing, and interviews on the upcoming Disney family action-adventure movie, Tomorrowland!

Who are we? We're two fans who met in July of 2013 on an intriguing adventure called The Optimist  an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) in Southern California which acted a prologue to the world of the film. We were quickly captivated by the yet-to-be-released movie, its mysterious backstory, and the incredible team involved in its creation. In a way, this movie brought us together.

Right to Left: Hastin, Nick, director Brad Bird, and fellow Optimist Katy during Tomorrowland at filming in Disneyland.
We share a love of Disney, particularly its theme park history with a focus on Walt and the 1964 New York World's Fair. As The Optimist revealed, the universe of the film references these events in a creative mix of real history and science fiction. (With Walt Disney and other historical innovators as members of a secret society called Plus Ultra, creating a world of the future in another dimension.)

We were in awe of the creative vision of Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof, and their team of Imagineers to embed their story into the existing history of the Walt Disney Company. With such specific incorporation of our personal interests both classic and contemptory, we can't help but feel this movie — and the extended experience surrounding it — were tailor-made for us! (And those of you that share our passion!)

Over the next year and beyond, we will bring you the latest news, character info, interviews, and more about Tomorrowland. Follow all the futuristic fun here, on Twitter (@TheTomorrowTime) and Facebook. You can also join the discussion and submit new stories on the TomorrowlandMovie subreddit.

We invite you to join in the anticipation as we begin this journey to the future!

 Hastin and Nick


  1. Looking forward to the next year!

  2. Have you watched the trailer from Japan?: http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disney-watch-tomorrowland-trailer-japan-english-featuring-chilling-footage-plot-details-spoilers-74594/

    They show just a little of what we saw at D23 in November and additional scenes. I just ordered "Before Tomorrowland" and (of course) am looking forward to the film.

  3. I'm half way through Before Tomorrow and it's a great read. If you're trying to decode the last page of the comic at the back of the book, I'll give you a clue and then I'll leave a space with a spoiler warning if you want to know what it says.

    The clue is on Page 140. Try to decode it on your own. But if you can't wait, there's a spoiler coming up.

    Last warning.


    "Put on your glasses. Look out the window. Bring the comic. We are waiting for you".

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