There's no delicate way to share this news, but Athena's corpse just sold ⁠— alongside several other pieces of original Tomorrowland make-up effects ⁠— as part of the Bill Terezakis estate auction.


Legendary make-up effects artist Bill Terezakis passed away in June of 2021, and the contents of his WCT Productions facility were auctioned today by Direct Liquidation in Canada. He was credited on Tomorrowland as "Special Make-up Effects", a position which he also served on Disney's Tron: Legacy and dozens of other Hollywood productions. 

Included in the Tomorrowland lots were several versions of Ursula Gernsback's (Kathryn Hahn's) decapitated head, as well as multiple Dave Clarks, and even a full-scale young Frank figure. Molds without production castings were also available, including the Plus Ultra Jules Verne and Thomas Edison mannequins. 

We attempted to acquire several lots for our eventual Tomorrowland Times Museum of the Future, but were mostly unsuccessful. The level of bidding competition, while disappointing for us, hopefully indicates a renewed interest in the film. We will remain optimistic that Athena, Ursula, and the gang found a good home. 

While all the lots labelled "Tomorrowland" (and, humorously, "Tomorrow Land") fetched a hefty sum, there were a few items from the film in Bill's estate that the liquidation company was not able to identify, and we were able to obtain. Stay tuned for more on our acquisitions for the Tomorrowland Times Archive.

full gallery of auction photos can be found here for reference.

You can watch the live bidding captured on our YouTube channel:


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