Would you love to see Tomorrowland again on the big screen?

Dreamers in Japan may have that opportunity thanks to the Dreampass on-demand cinema service. This program allows audience members to vote for films they would like to see screened in their local theater, with Tomorrowland being one of the films currently available. 

While the film has not yet crossed the threshold for screening at the time of this writing, its official availability on the platform alongside a limited selected of other titles speaks to Disney's willingness to keep the film in circulation, which was uncertain considering its recent disappearance from the Disney+ streaming service in the United States.

With any luck this form of audience-driven theatrical screening service will make its way to domestic cinema chains in the future, and your community's next showing of Tomorrowland could be just one vote organizing campaign away. 

Thanks to YuuDai Nojiri for the heads-up!


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