The Monterey Herald recently profiled one of the youngest teams to enter the FIRST Robotics Competition, who took inspiration from Tomorrowland when naming their team "Plus Ultra":

“The Plus Ultra motto in the movie ‘Tomorrowland’ and in that series is ‘tomorrow is ours’ and I think that is a very good representation of our team,” said Alden. She says the team is made of young individuals or underrepresented minorities and around 70 percent of them are interested in careers in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math field.
The motto she references, the Latin "Cras es Noster", became part of Plus Ultra's mythology during their first appearance in the 2013 alternate reality game The Optimist. (Though it does not appear in the film itself.)

Most notably, this team of young Tomorrownauts was granted official permission by Disney to use the Plus Ultra name and logo:

Disney has provided the team with a limited usage license that allows the team to use the name and logo.
This is particularly significant considering Disney's unwillingness to acknowledge the film, having summarily refused merchandise licensing requests in the years since its release.

Stories like these speak to Tomorrowland's burgeoning status as a cult classic, and offer hope not only for the future of this film's fandom, but for the generation who will grow up inspired by its message. In the words of Frank Walker himself, "Find the ones who haven't given up. They're the future."

You can follow the Plus Ultra Robotics team on Instagram.


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