Just a quick update on what's been going on with Stop Plus Ultra, the Tomorrowland ARG that's been going on for a couple of months now, we have some new videos and content:

NyFairLady64 Comments and Responds

Remember the rally that lead to a cassette tape of a woman's experience sneaking her way into Tomorrowland? Well, she left a comment on Stop Plus Ultra's blog, and offered people to email her with questions that she had:

Well, lots of people emailed her. Enough that she worked with her granddaughter to do a Video Q&A response:

Here's a summary of some of the questions:
  • Why have you stayed so silent? - She doesn't think she's been silent to her family. She didn't know how to use this new media. She's also got a Twitter now.
  • Are you the women referenced in the SPU Interview Subject 03, and who is in the avatar? Was a "friend of her", a "close friend". Avatar is her at the fair.
  • Who are are you, how old are you, and have you been to Tomorrowland? She's not comfortable with telling who exactly she is. She won't reveal her age. Of course she's been to Tomorrowland. 
  • We're you actually transported to what has become known to us as Tomorrow, or Tomorrowland? She knows that Plus Ultra has offered many simulations of their world, as they are doing right now, Her experience was real, she actually went!
  • How long did you stay there [Tomorrowland]? Not nearly as long as she would have liked.
  • Why hasn't Tomorrowland been revealed to the public? Exactly the question that she's been trying to get to the bottom for all these years. Hope we have an answer soon. (Maybe May 22nd? ;) )
  • You referenced a man named Ray, who is he, a Plus Ultra member, did you get the pin from him? Yes, I did get the pin from Ray - were close ray. Was confirmed to be Ray Bradbury, recently passed.
  • Here's a photo of my pin (I assume the Optimist pin), is yours like it? Nothing like it. Her's has a rocketship on it.
  • Used a Disneyland letterhead, what's your connection to Disneyland? Doesn't want to get anyone in trouble, few of her current friends, current society members, are legendary Imagineers. Not all dead.
  • Where did you come accross the script for the Alternate VIP Narration? May, or may not, have pulled it from a wastebasket from a member who have wrote it.
  • Do you know if Pepsi was directly involved with Plus Ultra, or were they just a pawn, what about Joan Crawford, and Robert Moses? Pepsi was involved, but they didn't know. Doesn't think Joan Crawford was, and she pushed for the small world ride. 
  • Can you describe what you saw that day? It was magical, mystical, bright, and it was fabulous, and it was Tomorrowland.
  • So what's next? We're preaching to each other, we need more Optimists, she doesn't know what's in the future - we have to reinvigorate optimism. Need to convince them that optimism is the way to go. Not "take back tomorrow", it's already ours.

Wow. What a sweet lady, and I can't believe she's actually seen Tomorrowland. I wonder if her forced journey was rewarded at all, or was she kicked out immediately. She doesn't seem to hold a grudge, at all, so it must have been worth it and amazing.

Nikola Tesla archive unlocked on Plus Ultra Society

Stop Plus Ultra posted this image of a newspaper clipping:

Stealing a pin? A founder's pin? Notice the red slash, this lead to http://www.stopplusultra.com/TESLA - notice the code on the back of the pin:

One of the notes on the Walt Disney archive on PlusUltraSociety.com was this:

Plugging that password (NT7141903) into the site lead to another archive of materials from Nikola Tesla:

Be sure to browse through the notes, as there's some interesting things here, notice this patent, and something from the trailer:

This must be the transport referenced in the Before Tomorrowland book as well. A quick search on the patent websites shows that this was never filed, too advanced for regular man to control?

Also, an interesting note from Earhart about 'The Grid', another reference from the book:

Stop Plus Ultra posted a recap, and he appears to be breaking a little, possibly becoming more Optimistic? I think that NyFairLady64's comments have turned him slightly. She had every right to be bitter. She found the clues, and she hacked her way into Tomorrowland, and she still "didn't stay as long as she would have liked to". But she's still optimistic about the future, and what she saw - all those years ago.

Lots going on, but where will it lead too? What's next? We can't wait to see what else this mysterious man has in store for us, and how much more this sweet lady plays into the adventure.


  1. There's a new morse code on the plus ultra website

    1. The Morse code is coordinate for Anaheim (Disneyland) and Flushing Meadow (World Fair '64)