Disney posted a new trailer for Tomorrowland this morning:

Here is our shot-by-shot analysis of the new trailer's content, considering what we've learned from The Optimist Alternate Reality Game and the film's various convention appearances, and the "Before Tomorrowland" prequel novel.

Click any of the images to enlarge to full HD resolution:

Frank Walker (George Clooney) sits watching his doomsday countdown monitors.

A screen displays the "PROBABILITY" ... of doomsday?

A series of apocalyptic flashes, perhaps the result of a more advanced probability device. (Such a device is first introduced at the IBM Pavilion in the 1964 World's Fair sequence in the film.)

Casey experiments with the pin in her father's truck.

Casey with her father. (Tim McGraw)

As Casey drives in the truck, she is propelled through a vision of Tomorrowland. As described in The Optimist, the Plus Ultra secret society created "immersive motion pictures" to "prepare you for the inevitable physical journey."

A motorcycle turns down a Florida street.

Casey approached Frank's booby-trapped house.

Casey encounters Frank's holographic dog.

A modern camera lens peeks through the house's decrepit facade.

Casey presents her pin (by this point inactive) to convince Frank to let her in.

Frank imitates the first wave of the house's defenses, blasting Casey back.

Frank picks up a item familiar to him. Similar to the pin that first allowed him access to Tomorrowland in a secret entrance hidden beneath the "It's a Small World" attraction, given to him by Athena at the 1964 World's Fair. 

Young Frank flies over Tomorrow in his homemade jetpack after gaining entrance at the 1964 World's Fair.

Casey walks the streets of Tomorrowland for the first time. (Space Mountain visible behind her.)

Casey takes a ride in the "Nonorail."

Casey stares at Frank's doomsday monitors.

The "Nonorail" passes a building that resembles the trylon and perisphere from the 1939 World's Fair in Chicago. (Referenced in The Optimist and the 1952 Box.)

David Nix (Hugh Laurie), Governor of Tomorrow.

 Frank's house is invaded by Nix's robotic goons.

Casey and Frank escape in his bathtub escape pod.

One of Nix's robots gets his arm caught in the pod enclosure and is dragged along at liftoff, only to fall off in mid-air and explode:

A cryptex cycles random numbers, with the PLUS ULTRA secret society logo flashing among them.

Casey, Frank, and Athena inside the Eiffel Tower.

Frank Walker (George Clooney) approaches the device, located in the Eiffel Tower -- a significant Plus Ultra location. (The society was founded by Tesla, Edison, Eiffel, and H.G. Welles at the 1889 World's Fair.)

Our heroes are chased through the Eiffel Tower rocket launch gantry by Nix's robots.

Casey is shot at by a raygun, held by an unseen character. (Kathryn Hahn as Ursula Gernsbach, proprietor of the "Blast from the Past" antique store, and, apparently, a raygun-wielder.)

Athena dodges the weapon's fire, toting her own raygun!

Another wide shot of Tomorrowland, again with Young Frank flying his jetpack in 1964.

Nix and his guards direct the team.

Athena pilots a robot in combat.

Athena and Casey escape the BLAST of the exploding "Blast from the Past" shop.

Nix's observatory. Could this be the source of the flashing apocalyptic images? A supremely advanced probability machine? Or has Nix truly reached through time and glimpsed the future?

Casey places her pin into a device, which presumably activates ....

The emergence of the Eiffel Tower rocket launch gantry!

Paris onlookers react to the Eiffel Tower rocket's appearance.

Nix's goons leap onto the Eiffel Tower rocket and crack the nose-cone window.

Frank, Casey, and Athena prepare for launch,

Paris onlookers get quite an eyeful, and some great camera-phone footage!

The Parisian landscape gives way to the revealed Tomorrow dimension.

Casey walks toward Tomorrow for the first time.

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    I happened to be reading a few articles about this trailer and one of them mentioned this:


    Do you know if its a legitimate site by Disney or just a fan created entity? Whatever it is, it definitely looks interesting. I kept checking back here to see if you had noticed it or made it 'official' but so far I can't find anything on it. Questions certainly abound!