In the week after NYCC, we've seen top media outlets publish interviews with Brad Bird (Director/Writer) and Damon Lindelof (Writer/Producer). There are lots of Tomorrowland tidbits and interesting facts in these interviews that we figured it was time to explore:


0:07 - Lindelof talks about how Tomorrowland is "an idea", "What if the future was a beautiful place, better off than where we are now?". The word, Tomorrowland itself has always inspired Lindelof.

0:42 - Movie takes place in the "real world", so Disneyland exists in that world. "The idea we've been scratching at the surface of is [...] the Tomorrowland at the theme parks is a cover for the real place." "It actually exists out there, being kept hidden for some reason."


0:23 - Lindelof talks about creation of teaser trailer - he didn't cut the trailer itself. Engaged in a "long process" with Disney Marketing, and Ricky Strauss leading the team. Lots of back/forth with marketing on the trailer. Proposed current idea a month ago. Lindelof and Bird were onboard with the current teaser. This makes us ask - even though The Optimist pin was featured on the poster/end of the trailer - was this always a long term plan to use that pin as more than just a finale for The Optimist?

1:32 - Lindelof talks about the secret of Tomorrowland - it's inspiring. Why is it secret? Why do Nix's goons prevent people from going there (based on NYCC preview clip).

2:40 - Lindelof called this a "complex, world building" movie - and he doesn't want a half hour of exposition. "Where is it confusing, where is it engaging?"

Marvel Live

5:35 - Bird and Lindelof talk about Spain. They filmed at the amazing City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain - which has a very Tomorrowland mid-century evolution feel. They searched for different architects, and determined that these buildings had never been in a movie before. Talks about how Brad said "I don't want to shoot it in front a green screen". Wanted CGI to compliment physical sets and locations.

7:02 - Talks about the press tour. "Alternates between immensely flattering, and immensely flattening". Tough to not just want to say the same things. Finding different ways to answer different iterations of the same questions.

8:15 - Bird loved working with Lindelof. Anticipating working together. Lindelof met Bird at the Speed Racer premier.

Full Panel from NYCC

A real treat, Disney provided some clips from the full panel to various media partners, so if you were not there, you can get almost the full scoop (minus the exclusive clip):

Don't forget, that the next known public event featuring Tomorrowland footage will be D23's Destination D - featuring a look at the 1964 World's Fair scenes, which will be on November 22-23 - one month from today.


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