Earlier this morning, Disney released a new poster for Tomorrowland:

The poster features Frank Walker (George Clooney) posing with his younger self as he appears in the 1964 World's Fair sequence of the film. Young Frank appears as he does in the Syd Mead concept art illustration, minus his helmet and jetpack:

Space Mountain makes its second Tomorrowland movie appearance in the left image above.

The credits block at the bottom of the poster reveals several interesting points: the film's director Brad Bird has elected to take a possessory "Film By" credit on the film, Disney veteran Craig Wood has replaced Walter Murch as editor, "Remember Tomorrow" appears to be one of the film's new taglines, and this is the second instance in which Judy Greer has been excluded from the cast list. 

A UK variant of the poster was released, featuring the films "A World Beyond" subtitle. It also appears to be missing the peculiar line of distorted color in the sky in the upper right corner, present on the US version of the poster:

Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of Monday's new Tomorrowland trailer, after the live Q&A with Bird and Lindelof on Walt Disney Studios' facebook page!


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