When we last left our Tomorrowland adventure, a site, PlusUltraSociety.com was found with corrdinates leading to the World's Fair site.

Well, one intrepid optimist (@AlexSobe123) decided to Take Back Tomorrow for himself, and head out there, and see what was at the spot, and did he find something special a box with a plate on top of it:

A Plus Ultra cache. We assume these were scattered around the world as a low tech way of communicating with members (I guess when they couldn't use their Multi-Function Device). The passcode WED4221964 - unlocks a digital archive on PlusUltraSociety.com:

Most of these communications seem to be the same found in The Optimist, and in The 1952 Box. However, there are a couple of new ones. These specifically reference a Member ID on the back of a pin. Many other people have attempted the code on the back of the promo pins, and other codes - but with no luck. What else is on there to unlock? Anyone find anything else?

Stop Plus Ultra responded with this post What's Coming?, recapping and posting a picture of what looks like a plate.
This picture looks familiar, as it was shown to us at D23 Expo, and was the animation shown on the Plus Ultra disk (in The 1952 Box), and inside the Disneyland Tomorrowland movie preview.


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